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Marcus Blackwell I grew up on a small group of islands off of Cornwall called the Isles of Scilly, about 40k southwest of the mainland in the Atlantic ocean, the largest islands being 3 miles by 2, this was then and still is a pristine environment touched by the gulf stream it has a very mild climate with tropical plants from all over the world and an abundance of seafood.

This is where my love of food first started. By the time I was 12 I regularly caught lobster from my small row boat in the local bay most of the time these were about a kilo in weight and fitted into my mum’s big sauce pan, then low and behold one day I managed to catch one of about 4 kilo rushing home to show off my prized catch to find nobody at home, I searched all the cupboards and could not find a pot big enough, being a resourceful child and looking around the kitchen I spied my mothers brand new service twin tub washing machine her pride and joy with a boil program. Tucking into a beautiful lobster salad that night nobody bothered to enquire as to how I managed to cook this feast. The next day being wash day the truth came out and for the next few weeks every time you pulled on a clean T shirt or slipped between crisp cotton sheets we were reminded of my wonderful catch.

Out of this was born a passion for food and entertaining which has stayed with me my whole life. Since this in auspicious start, with my wife I have gone on to manage and own pubs, hotels and restaurants all over the UK and in Australia.

I used to walk past this restaurant for many years dreaming of the day I would own it and how I would change the space around and turn it into a world class venue. Good things come to those who wait. We hope the redevelopment of this landmark Coffs Harbour restaurant will be the start of a vibrant precinct. That’s the expectation we have me (Marcus) and Steve the partners behind Latitude 30 Restaurant, There are not many restaurants in the world where you can sit and eat the freshest of fish and shell fish straight off the trawlers moored right outside and also watch whales and dolphins cruise by. Latitude 30 sits on the north break wall between the Pacific Ocean and Coffs marina, at the site of the former Tide and Pilot

Together, we have spent over $400,000 on redeveloping the restaurant, including $100,000 on the new deck alone, bringing it to the same level as the adjacent North Wall break wall. From the upstairs restaurant, diners can look over the picture post card working harbour to the Jetty and Mutton-bird Island, or across to Little Mutton-bird Island, Park Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

With two levels (and a lift for convenience) Latitude 30 can seat 295 up to 80 people on their deck alone, though it isn’t the amazing location and views that will guarantee repeat customers. Executive chef and proprietor Marcus Blackwell is one of the owners and has world class restaurant experience., with dishes that change every two months; look for a seafood mezze with king prawns, smoked salmon, oysters and Morton Bay bugs. Traditional Paella a remarkable wine list, including overseas wines such as French Champagne and Spanish rioja’s.


“We visit coffs quite often but our first experience at latitude. Was a cold night but felt warm and inviting inside. Wine was lovely and the food was devine. Worth every penny.”

Lovely dining experience