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Growing up on a small group of tropical Islands off Cornwell called the Isles of Scilly with a pristine natural environment at my doorstep and an abundance of plants and seafood, this is where my interest in food first started.

As a young kid, I regularly caught 1kg lobsters from my small row boat in the local bay and would take them home and provide a meal for the family. One day I managed to snag a 4kg beast, with no pots large enough to cook it in and no one home to guide me, I used the boil setting on mums brand new twin tub washing machine……I was a resourceful kid……for the next few weeks, every time I pulled on a clean shirt or slipped between crisp cotton sheets, I was reminded of my huge catch and the wonderful feast I cooked up for my family.

My very fortunate childhood drove my passion for cooking and entertaining which has stayed with me my entire life. I later married and my wife and I owned and managed pubs, hotels and restaurants all over the UK and here in Australia.

I used to walk past the now Latitude 30 building for many years, dreaming of changing the space and turning it into a world class venue where diners can sit and eat the freshest of seafood straight off the trawlers moored right outside, whilst watching whales and dolphins cruise on by. It seems good things come to those who wait!

Marcus Blackwell
Executive Chef & Proprietor

“A spur of the moment decision saw us go to Latitude 30 again for lunch. We’ve been before (multiple times) and each time, we’ve had a great experience. Once again, we shared 3 Tapas plates, which was more than enough for 2 people.

We had a great lunch, in the sun, on the deck, enjoying the view of the sea, boats, dolphins…”

Another Great Meal at Latitude 30